Starterset spanking bench

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Spanking Bench  steel, 2.0, with centre bar, height-adjustable

Dimensions: L: 800mm W: 650mm H: 750mm

Square tube steel 60x60x2mm and 30x30x2mm

Powder coating in RAL colours,

Incl. Adjustable centre bars,

5cm graduation and drilling.

Locking of the centre beam by means of locking bolts with locking notch.

Adjustable feet with thermoplastic

Glass fibre reinforced and anti-slip plate

Thermoplastic elastomer

High-quality cushion

Corners sewed and padded with 4cm thick foam and cotton wool

2 pads for knees, long, padded

Steel support

High-quality padding.

Corners sewed with 2cm thick foam and cotton padded


Angle steel/steel, powdered red on the picture, delivered in buckling colour

Star grip

(For quick locking of the knee pads to the transverse bar)

Powder coating in Ral-colour

Headrest including steel bracket

High-quality padding.

Corners sewed with 12cm thick foam and cotton padded


Angle steel/steel in the picture red powdered, delivered in bucking colour

Powder coating in Ral-colour

Delivery time 2-4 weeks, depending on stock



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